Renting expertise is simple

Why commit to full time employee, when you can get a specialist from us on temporary loan? No strings attached! After you project is finished - you can move on without any obligations.

Tell us what you need

Your company prepares the list of requirements for your particular project or phase. We have a list of available specialists, who are already working with us or can promptly find a suitable high-skilled migrant to fill your professional needs.


Your company and Expatrix sign a detachering contract for a set period of time. During that time our employee is at your disposal and works on your project and goals you set according to his best abilities. We take care of all the paperwork around this employment, you just get a monthly invoice from us.

Achieve your goals

When your project is up and running - we all shake hands and move on. You have no further obligations towards us or the employee! And we hope for another project to help you with!

More information

You don't have any obligations towards the employee, when your project is done - your contract with us is done as well and you can move on.
We're absolutely sure. Because we already have a great team of knowledge migrants working for us in several different fields, from IT and programming to geophysical engineering and finance. And because we have access to best minds and skillsets in eastern Europe, who we can invite to come work for us.
If we have a specialist ready to work on your goals - it takes about a week for them to start, depending on their schedule and your needs. If we need to bring in the employee from abroad, it should not last longer than a month after initial trial period.
Of course you can test your future contract employee on any subject that is related to the position! We want to be absolutely sure you get the best of the best!
No, everything we offer is all-in, meaning no hidden fees afterwards, no legal obligations from your company towards the employee. Sorry, but no surprises there!
When you employ a highly skilled migrant - you get a highly motivated, well-organized, skilled and productive employee. Soon after you start working with one - you would definitely want more to join your team!

Got more questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us through the form below with either questions or requests for a quote.

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