Payrolling is simple

You find the employee and he or she is at your company's total disposal. We just take all the administrative hassle of residence permits, migration and other paperwork, leaving you to the important things - your business.

Find your employee

It all starts when you find the suitable employee. All negotiations between you and your future employee are between you. As soon as you have reached an agreement - we come into the picture.


We hire the employee on your behalf and on your conditions. We arrange all the paperwork for him to come to the Netherlands and we pay all the taxes and social insurances. You only get monthly invoices from us, the employee gets his salary and we take care of the rest.

Achieve your goals

All that gives your business room to concentrate on your goals, saving you expenses for in-company bookkeeping and spares HR hours.

More information

With payroll your employee is working in your company full time, the only thing that differs from regular employment is that we do all the hideous paperwork.
Yes, you can, as long as his salary meets the required minimum wage for knowledge migrant in The Netherlands.
Between the final agreement between you, employee and us and to the moment the employee gets the entry visa - it takes between 3 to 4 weeks.
Yes, for the term of our cooperation we keep on supporting and consulting you or the employee for free.
When you employ a knowledge migrants you get a highly motivated, well-organized, skilled and productive employee. Soon after you start working with one - you would definitely want more to join your team!

Got more questions?

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