Freelance (within employment)

Do what you like and where you like it! You get to be your own boss while keeping all the benefits of being a highly skilled migrant. You are still our employee, but you get the freedom to work with the customers of your choosing doing what you do best!

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You as our employee get the freedom to choose your customers, your projects and your working rhythm. As soon as we agree on certain obligations and requirements, you are free to work on your way to greatness.


You work with your customers, we take care of everything else: invoicing, taxes, your salary, contracts. We can even supply you with more projects of our own if you run out of things to do!

Let's grow together

We can help each other grow. There are no limits and possibilities are endless.

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And yet it is true! But while being free and doing what you like, there are still legal limitations and requirements which have to be met: minimum salary for highly skilled migrant, social securities, your working schedule and your customers. And, of course, we would be involved in every step on the way, from sorting out your employment to contracts with your customers.
To an extent. As a precaution measure, we would prefer to work with you if your skills can be applied to our other customers and/or projects in case your own projects unexpectedly pause. So certain limits will be set and agreements can be made. But fields of our projects are very wide, so contact us for more details.
If your home is in The Netherlands - sure. If your customers are happy with the work you deliver from home - so are we. But we'd need to know more about your schedule and, again, certain agreements would be in order.
Yes, you can. As long as your main residence is in The Netherlands, you can work with any company in the world as long as it checks out during our company check. The customer company has to be registered and trustworthy.
If you're already in The Netherlands and switch to us from another recognized sponsor company - we can be up and running within a week. If we need to get you here from abroad - about weeks.
Besides initial agreed fees and contracts - no, none. As always, everything we agree on in the beginning - is "all-in" and no surprises afterwards. We will be taking care of all of your paper work, not only immigration and taxes, but invoicing as well for no additional fees.

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