Immigration and outstaffing

It's when you've found the job of your dreams, but your Dutch employer does not have the required permits to hire you or does not want to go through the trouble of getting them. But we can help you both!

Get on level

Let us contact both you and your future employer to explain the idea. As soon as we all agree this is the way to go - we can start preparing the required documents.

Getting things done

For the employer we will prepare a payroll or secondment contract. For you we will prepare an employment contract and file all the necessary documents to IND (branch of Dutch Ministry of Justice) for the residence permits of you and your family.

Time for a fresh start!

We get an approval for entry visa within 2 weeks! Then you can come to The Netherlands and start on your new assignment. We take care of everything else for you and provide all the needed local information.

More information

Basically it's the same as payrolling: you're in our employee database, but you work full time for the Dutch employer. We take care of the immigration procedure and all the paper work involved with your employment.
Yes, absolutely any company without any additional requirements. They don't have to get extra permits or do anything for you to get the job. We do all the paperwork, you provide your skills!

In order to be hired as highly skilled migrant, your minimum salary has to be equal or higher to that stipulated by the IND. You can check current minimum wage on their website. Do mind that on top of that there's an obligatory holiday allowance and employer costs (social security and taxes).

You get a residence permit, which allows you to come to The Netherlands to work for our company and on behalf of our company - in others. It allows you to live here and have access to all the benefits of living in a great small country.
From the moment we all sign the agreements to the moment that you start working in the office it usually takes about 3 weeks, if you are ready to move.
You can bring your whole family (your partner and kids (under 18 years old) with you! Your kids can go to school, your partner would have access to local labour marker without any restrictions.
We do not offer relocation and accommodation services, but we'd gladly connect you with some of our partners, who are specialized in exactly that kind of information.

Got more questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us through the form below with either questions or requests for a quote.

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