Specific people for specific project

Where do you find them?

There are times, when you need a very good specialist for a very specific project. Where do you find one (or a whole team)? How do you get him to the project location? How do you employ them? And what do you do when project's finished? This type of service was developed from the many requests from our customers. Because we know answers to all of these questions.

Our "Project HR" is a kind of secondment for highly skilled specialists. Narrow field of expertise, extensive experience, excellent performance and efficiency for your project.


What We Do

Find them.

We know where to look. We are connected to largest CV databases in industry and our speciality is working with highly educated migrants.

Select and test them

We pre-test them locally according to your requirements. We select the best among great. And connect them to you for final testing and approval.


Hire them.

We hire the selected specialist or selected team and provide their expertise to you under per-project contract. We take care of everything, from relocation to taxes and insurance. You don't have to worry about housing, employee's family, any legal or tax aspect.


After your project is finished, we take care of either relocating the specialist to his next project or take care of adequate contract termination. No headaches for you.

Get in Touch

Please contact us with specific information and requirements or feel free to ask additional questions.

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