Choosing the right payroll company

There are so many different companies offering all kinds of services and packages. All with small or large differences, something they tell you straight away, but some unpleasant surprises are kept for later.

So when choosing your partner for payroll, keep in mind the following hints:

They never give you all the details

Most of the time, there are hidden costs just waiting for you to sign that agreement. So do ask ahead about the extra's they will charge you for that 30% ruling requests or residence permit prolongation.


Beware of unrequested extras

One of extra revenues for most payroll companies is their cooperation with pension funds. So some of them do tend to silently pay that extra pension for your employee. Beware, the minimum obligatory pension should already be included in the social payments to the Dutch  Tax Office.


30% ruling for the employee

In the Netherlands it is allowed for the employer to keep the 30% ruling deduction within the company instead of paying an extra amount to the employee. Some payroll companies do not inform the employee about these practices or simply omit showing the 30% ruling calculation to the actual employee, so he or she could be getting only part of the deduction.


It's 'all-in' with us!

Expatrix is the first and only company on the Dutch payroll and secondment market (that we know of), which has all the rates marked as 'all-in'. This means:

No hidden costs whatsoever. The amount we agree on initially is the only amount you pay. Everything else is included:

  • 30% ruling request or resubmission? Is free for our customers.
  • extra applications for family members? Also included.
  • need any help with tax forms? We'll gladly help at no extra costs.
  • any changes in contracts, employers, family situation or salary? We roll with the changes silently and for free.
  • need to consult us regarding your situation or any future changes? Give us a call, we'll talk you through free of charge.

The only thing NOT included in our all-in rates are the fees for the residence permit cards themselves, which you would pay that to IND directly.

What else is included?

  • 30% ruling deduction (if applicable) is specified and 100% of it is in favour of employee. If your employer wants to deviate from this (regular) model - it will be specified and everybody would be duly informed!
  • "No unnecessary payments" guarantee. We pay only the legally required minimum for each and every employee. Minimal required pension, only required social securities, 8% obligatory holiday allowance - it's all there. But not more than that.
  • If you want more - we can offer more. Better pension plans (although currently you're better off just putting it in stocks or under your mattress!), more holiday allowance, extra insurance and so on - all will be specified separately and can be offered as extra.

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